General Regulations

All performers are urged to read the regulations carefully.

Any queries should be addressed to a member of the committee.

ENTRIES should be submitted on the official Entry Form, and returned to:  Bethan Chambers, Entries Secretary, Grovehill, Old Edinburgh Rd, Minnigaff, DG8 6PL, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The closing date for entries is 21 January 2022.  Entry Forms may be downloaded from the website or photocopied.


Performers in the Solo or Duet Classes may enter only one class in any section.   Any performer winning a GRADED class must move to a higher class the following year (this includes classes where there was only one performer).  Performers in the Beginners class may be any age, and should be at pre-Grade 1 level.  If they have previously performed in a Beginners class they may not enter the same class again.  They may, however, enter a Beginners class in any other category.

Schools are permitted to enter more than one group in the same class, except in choir classes.  Due to space limitations in the venue, choir entries should  be restricted to 32 performers per school for each Festival class (Classes 51-54, 75). We are very aware of the practical and financial problems of transporting school classes to venues.  Each year we aim to reimburse at least part of the travel costs to schools attending the Festival.  Schools wishing to be considered for financial assistance should send copies of paid invoices to the Treasurer by 30 April 2019.  See Regulation 3, Entry Fees.

ENTRY FEES should be remitted with Entry Form as follows. ENTRY FEES ARE NON-RETURNABLE.

Solo and Duet Classes: £3.00
Group Entries - 3 or more performers: £5.00
Discount available for 5+ entries from the same performer, 
family, or school.

MUSIC - The prescribed edition of music, where specified, must be used by all performers, and where two test pieces are indicated, both must be prepared and performed.  No performer may present the same piece in the same class in successive years, or the same piece in more than one class in the same year.  Performers who have difficulty in obtaining any test pieces should contact the Entries Secretary without delay.  Copies of set songs are available from the Entries Secretary.  Performers using music should play from original scores.  However, photocopies are acceptable for the adjudicators.

In Junior Vocal Classes the songs may be sung in any key to suit the performer`s voice, but where the key differs from that in the syllabus, a copy of the transposed version must be provided by 18 January 2022 if an official accompanist is required.

Omit repeats except for da capo.

The Grades in this syllabus refer to those set by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.  Graded and Advanced classes are for any age; adults have their own section.

ACCOMPANIMENT – Where mentioned in this syllabus, in certain classes a backing track or any form of live accompaniment is acceptable.  Performers should provide their own equipment for this.  Where this is not mentioned, the use of piano accompaniment is assumed but other forms of live accompaniment may be acceptable if they are suitable for the style of music.  An official accompanist will be available but performers are encouraged to bring their own. Performers should arrange rehearsals with the official accompanist themselves if required. Contact Entries Secretary for details.  
Original copies of music are required for the accompanist by 18 January 2022.

ADJUDICATION - The Adjudicators may stop any performance when their judgement has been formed.  Their decision is final.  Neither performers nor members of the audience are allowed to communicate with the adjudicator.  The Adjudicator’s comment sheets will be presented at the end of each class.

GRADINGS will be awarded to performers as follows:

90+:  Outstanding ‘An exceptional performance, both technically and artistically’
87-89: Distinction ‘An excellent performance technically and artistically’
84-86 : Commended ‘A convincing performance technically and artistically’
81-83: Merit ‘A capable performance showing some artistic appreciation and/or technical ability’
78-80: Moderate ‘A performance showing development of technique and/or communication
75-77: Fair  ‘A performance limited in its communication’

Trophies will be awarded if the winning grade is Commended or above.

 - All trophies awarded in 2020 should be returned, suitably cleaned and inscribed, to Bethan Chambers at Minnigaff Primary School, by 1 February 2022.  A fine of £5 per trophy will be charged to those not returning trophies by this date.  

Trophies awarded this year should be returned by 1 February 2023.

STATUS - The classes are open only to bona-fide amateurs. An amateur is defined as “any person whose whole or partial income is not derived from following the profession in the class for which an entry is submitted.”  Professional musicians may take part as  conductors or in the family class.

PERFORMERS - Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your session starts.  Every attempt will be made to adhere to the timetable, but please allow for unavoidable delays.

 should not sing with their choirs or groups.

(Non-competitive) For the purpose of the Festival these will be considered as follows:

SINGING GAME - Traditional, as it might be played in the playground, i.e. unaccompanied, no dressing up.

ACTION SONG - More of an organised performance, allows for dressing up, props, etc.  

The Festival Committee reserves the right to appoint replacement or additional adjudicators, and to alter, modify or cancel any of the arrangements detailed in the Syllabus.

Primary School children should always be accompanied by an adult.  No Primary School children are to leave any venue by themselves.  A contact list for all Schools taking part will be available at all venues.

PLEASE SWITCH OFF all mobile phones and digital watches during competition sessions.